Waiting Room
Management for Courts

The only app that significantly saves time for court staff and reduces the number of resources needed to manage the daily docket. No more renaming participants at the start of the day's docket!

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A waiting room management solution for

A more efficient and better
virtual court experience

zconnect.io provides a more efficient and better virtual court experience for all court staff and participants by implementing a bi-lingual registration step and a waiting room control panel that allows court staff to organize, prioritize, and group participants in a way that meets the courtroom privacy and workflow standards.

Improved Security

Improves security by enabling Zoom registration, automatically changing meetings, and not sharing the direct Zoom link with participants.


Easy to identify who needs translators before a case starts and provides a bi-lingual registration step for court participants

Speed And Efficiency

Significantly saves time for court staff and reduces the number of resources needed to manage daily docket

Enhanced Visibility

Judges and court staff have more visibility as to who arrived when; allowing them to prioritize based on roles, availability, arrival time, or type of case.

Setting Priorities

Allows court staff to organize, prioritize and group participants in a way that meets the courtroom privacy and workflow standards

Group and validate participants

Participants and observers register by providing their name and role.

This step allows Court Assistants/Clerks to understand who someone is and why they would like to join the proceedings before they ever enter the Zoom meeting room.

Waiting Room
Control Panel

Court Assistants can view validated and grouped participants through the control panel.

Using the control panel, the court assistant can add and remove a single participant or agroup of participants with one click.


Participants provide their name and role and enter the Zoom waiting room through a bi-lingual registration process – noting if they need a translator

Assign Roles


Participants select a role at registration so court personal can easily identify why a participant has joined and when they will be needed

Group by case numbers

Participants can be grouped by case numbers so that they can be easily added and removed from the meeting as a group


Participants and cases can be organized by arrival time, case priority, and availability.

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"We’ve had a very good and positive experience with zconnect, not only with giving people efficiency in calling their cases but it’s also given the court staff their time back"

Judge Villarreal

"The labeling is critical when you’ve got 20 to 25 people in the room on one case. It allows me to stay very organized"

Judge Villalon

"zconnect allows us to continue enjoying what we do"

Cesia Rodriguez, Court Administrator

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How can my organization get started?

Right on! We would also like for you to get up and running. Schedule a Demo with us and we can walk you through getting your organization onboarded. Since there are various workflows and different IT considerations for courts we want to make sure we address and exceed any of your organization's expectations.

My organization is already a customer, how do I get started?

If your organization is already a customer we are likely already sending email invitations, but reach out to us through our chat or at support@zconnect.io and we can certainly look into prioritizing your invitation.